Saturday, October 27, 2007

FAQ: Crochet Block: Scales

Lion Brand Yarn has a Crochet Block of the Week FAQ. Click here for the pattern instructions!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

FAQ: Crochet Block: All In A Row

Lion Brand Yarn has a Crochet Block of the Week FAQ. Click here for the pattern instructions!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Crochet Mittens

Kathy, who has left us for North (or was it South?) Carolina made these mittens. They turned out great. Kathy supplied us with yarn to last a while. Kathy, if you ever see this blog, get back in touch with us!

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Knitted Neckwarmer

I finally had to throw in some knitting - a neckwarmer. The young lady wears it well!

Waffle Afghan

Earnestine made this gorgeous set! What's more to say here - perfect!


As can be seen, we have some pretty talented crocheters in our group! Keep on hooking!

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Afghan by Dan

Another beautiful Afghan. I am so envious of the group members who crochet these afghans. And they are so fast!

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Another afghan by Dan

Personally, I think this is the best afghan Dan has churned out! I love the pattern and the color combination. Exquisite.

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Ripple Baby Blanket

Dan, the only man in our group, makes the most awesomest (is this a word?) afghans. He is a master of the craft!

Basketweave Bag

Leslie showed us how to make this basketweave bag. Turned out pretty good, huh?

Victorian Yarn pouch

This is a victorian yarn pouch! Although it looks difficult, it is very easy to make. It can hold a ball of the crochet threat.

Baseball Caps

Heike crocheted this baseball cap. This one was an easy one, anyone can make it!

Crochet Earrings

Leslie makes some beautiful earrings amongst all her other beautiful items. She sews, knits, crochets and I don't know what else she does, but all of it is awesome!

Earnestine's Afghan

Earnestine, our meetup organizer, makes some pretty awesome afghans! And she is so fast, she can whip one out in a week! That's dog gone fast!!!!!!! You try it, I bet it'll take you a year!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

The Spinning Wheel

A spinning wheel is a large contraption that isn't easy to use. It has essentially been unchanged since its inception way back when (at least several hundred years ago). And it works still as well as it did in the dark ages. Lots of practice and patience will assure a fine thread!

It all starts here

Yarn is what we use after wool has been ripped off from the various animals! I wonder if they mind?!?!?!? Then the wool is spun into yarn, with a spinning wheel.